Sustainability is the need of the hour for the real estate sector
Date : 20th Oct
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Sustainability is the need of the hour for the real estate sector

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Sustainable Living has been picking up critical significance and awareness among the environment conscious people. The quick debasement of the planet and coming about of extreme consequences for the environment has sounded alerts around the world. The call for sustainable living has occurred because of fast urbanization, and the urban areas transforming to concrete jungles. The quick draining green cover and open territories have been utilized as a replacement to tall structures and cement squares. There has been a developing worry among individuals to shield and protect the planet from implosion. Real Estate designers need to work firmly towards building a sustainable future for the coming ages also.

Sustainability is the need of the hour and with the rise in global awareness and consumer checklist, many buildings and commercial properties are being constructed following the green building concepts. According to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the yearly top 10 nations and areas, declared by USGBC (US Green Building Council), India is positioned third after China and Canada, with 752+ LEED-affirmed ventures. India too has an earnest aim of having around ten billion sq. ft. area of following the green building footprint by 2022 with an increasing rate of 10 percent.

For the time being, sustainable features are seen more in luxury projects, but with the passage of time, mid-segment projects are catching onto this process too. There has been an increasing consumer demand for homes built following the green building concepts, such as installing solar panels, rainwater harvesting instalment, natural surroundings and so on. Also, with cities turning into concrete masses there is hardly enough place to breathe, which is why conscious efforts for a greener space are being made. Initially, sustainable living may seem bearing a lot of expense, however in the long run they provide uncountable and immense benefits. “Green Buildings” constitute 25% less energy than typical constructions.

The sustainability drive has taken over cities like Vadodara too. The city has seen a plethora of environment-related efforts in the past few years with many “sustainability” related jobs coming up in the CSR sector, talks and forums being conducted in universities and individual events, coming up and new commercial property following green building concept is not a new thing in current times

Many real estate companies in Vadodara have started stepping up to the conscious effort as well with such massive awareness being created. One of such real estate developers is the VR Infraspace Group. 

Remembering the inclination of individuals and the ‘need of the hour’, VR Infraspace has thought of its venture - VR ONE - A COMMERCIAL BUSINESS CENTER in an ideal spot that is away from the hustle-clamour. VR ONE will be an exceptional commercial complex in Vadodara that offers a chance to the business network's ideal business space, where they make your fantasy come to the real world. It is by all accounts the best for all retail ventures, showrooms, and corporate workplaces. It has been created remembering future prospects, with plenty of comforts more than ever.

It is a luxury project seeking optimal returns, not only serving the current needs but those of the future as well. Having the best in class facilities among commercial property available to be purchased, VR ONE BUSINESS CENTER proves to be a plus in every criterion for individuals and financial specialists who wish to put resources into best and reasonably worth commercial properties.