How would you select an area for your property investment?
Date : 13th Mar
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How would you select an area for your property investment?

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Property investment is the safest way for assured returns. Though there are many other options since recent property price hikes it has been safely noted that investment on the property has never failed investors. As a result of economic fluctuations, other options like shares, bonds and mutual funds often let their investors down due to market risks. The property sector is a steady growth market with minimum risk. And if an investor has made a little planning before investing he surely is going to reap benefits of it. Our topic today is how would you make that key decision of selecting an area for making a property investment?


Firstly, we will consider the city that you would be focusing on. We are going to discuss the cultural hub and happy city of Gujarat today that is Vadodara. This city needs no introduction. It has been a center for quality education thanks to the past rulers. And it is also a heritage for culture and arts. Owing to these facts it is no matter of surprise that there are many new property developments in Vadodara. And on the same line, many investors are increasing by the day. If you are one of them how will you find the area best for your property investment?


Preparing a budget idea


A fair idea of the amount you are willing to invest will help you decide better. We know this sounds a very simple and trivial matter to be suggested to any investor. But, considering the vast number of new properties in Vadodara this would seem very wise. There are so many new developments in different areas. If you start to just randomly check-out every second option would seem great to you and you may be willing to adjust a little with your budget for investment. It is at these times that you forget that you have not considered a good option in the same range in another area because it did not fit into your budget on a previous visit. As market advisors, we have seen many investors repeating this mistake time and again. If at the end of this budget-stretching exercise you end up with right property it is good, but many times investors end up with a property that they might not buy had they known other possible options on the same budget line.


Type of Property to Consider for investment


Real estate developers in Vadodara are ready with the best of commercial properties as well as residential property projects. You might be looking up for a property for a commercial purpose for yourself to use it in future or residential project investment this is a matter of personal choice for an investor. Considering pro and cons for both of them it would be good to proceed with your plan. If the property is for only investment purposes and you are looking up for the amount of return on investment then it should be noted that the property that is likely to give you better returns should be considered. There multiple options from re-sale to fresh booking properties from various builders. The reputation of the builder and his previous projects are likely to provide you with key information and the future of the project.


Beginning the search


Once you are clear with the two prime decisions of budget and the type of project to invest you are ready to explore your options. What you can do with this step is a simple checklist of areas where properties are available and also note down the budget they are available in. Once you have made your extensive search and ready with final figures on the piece of paper your choice would make a lot of sense. Unlike others, if you just note it down on paper then at the end while making final choices your mind will not make a wrong choice. It would also help you retain proper information.


The “Location” factor


Finding a real estate property in Vadodara for investment may seem like a huge task, due to the constant demand for good projects and limited geography of the city. There are a few recent developing areas that have a huge potential for future growth. Different budget projects are ranging from commercial and residential projects. One should always invest in an area that constantly shows the potential for future growth. One thing to keep in mind here is to invest in what you can see as potential and not just trust the claim of the project owners. It is very normal these days for property owners to claim that their location of property would show good growth. But, if you are unable to see the noteworthy signs of any growth or are unable to find potential then you might be right. Some areas grow better over others because of upcoming projects as well as the vicinity of highways and schemes of governments. Look out for all the growth potentials and invest wisely.