Best investment tips before buying a commercial property in Vadodara.
Date : 12th Dec
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Best investment tips before buying a commercial property in Vadodara.

Showroom Property for sale

 To remove the very dilemma faced before buying commercial property in Vadodara, we have prepared a thorough checklist, that will be a perfect investment guide for everyone, dealing with basic to pro ones. One of the major capital investments it has to be carefully planned and executed hence requires basic knowledge about a recent market update and real estate developer.

Vr One Business Center, Is An Epitome Of Commercial Real Estate In Vadodara Having Best In Class Facilities, Proves To Be A Plus In Every Criterion.



The following parameters are must be kept in mind and looked upon, before going in for commercial real estate property investment.



   Location is everything as, commercial property offers returns by only two avenues mainly, ie 1. Capital appreciation ie returns offered by appreciation due to an increase in market price.

2. Rentals, ie property can be leased out for rentals gains.

Both of these are totally dependent on location. Also in case of commercial property working for future projects and prospectus depends on the same.


VR ONE  COMMERCIAL BUSINESS CENTER offers Showroom Property for sale and both of the avenues to be met well secured.  As located in a well-developing area of NH-8, opposite L&T knowledge city, with a plethora of upcoming opportunities with USP of having 75 MTR. & 12 MTR road Approach.

In this area, this place is both side road and it's the main road building.


2. Quality

Quality is one aspect that can never be compromised on. Investors are always keen on buying a property that best quality rating which is indicative of substantial returns also other maintenance aspects are less taken care of them. Having the best quality is always an added benefit.


VR ONE, facilitated with RERA certificate offers best in world-class facilities, which altogether sets apart the standard for future endeavors, believing that one can always change a faulty decor ten times after completion but there is hardly any solution of a faulty style of the structure. It has been created to deliver only the best, with benefits such as

       Attractive elevation

       12 feet height of shops and showrooms

       Cctv area in common area of added security

       Excellent frontage with magnificent visibility

       Basement car parking

       Earthquake resistant structural design

       D.G backup for common utilities.

       Spacious Standard elevators from the basement

       And many more...


3. Rentals

There are many types of factors in rentals such as

       Market rent and in-place rents

       Base rent vs fitout rent

Rentals are decided on various parameters such as market rent price, in place rent which s rent offered exclusively to a specific area of building or society

Base rent is decided on property location, demand of locality and would be basic in nature, Fitout rent would include the furnishing amount as also criterion on existing basic amount of rent.



VR ONE COMMERCIAL COMPLEX is a Luxury project and hence would seek the optimal returns, as it is not only as basic project serving to present needs but also planned for the future.


4. Scope and growth of the locality

 The location of the property determines the appreciation value, hence property should be based on developing area where there is the scope of growth available. Also, the commercial value increases according to market demand and growth.


VR ONE is located in an area that is developing at a very steady speed. The scope of growth is immense in this area. The potential market lies in here with added benefits would seem best for all such as retail enterprise, showrooms, corporate office with benefit of underground car parking and 75m and 12 m approach roads.



5. Interior fit-out and scope for modification

Interior fit-outs with having a scope of modifications are very important as everyone has their own taste and would make the decor as deems fit. Even for rentals, it's very important that there's a scope of modification available as diverse competent would like to have place modified according to own need for eg a bank would have different needs than a showroom. Also, such properties gat incompetent suitors very well.


VR ONE COMMERCIAL BUSINESS CENTER offers high-class facilities along with a scope of personal modification, the facilities that are offered are made accordingly to even cater to future needs.



The above some points that can never be ignored while going for investments in real estate commercial properties in Vadodara. VR ONE COMMERCIAL BUSINESS CENTER is a clear winner amongst real estate. It offers a win-win situation for all buyers who wants to pursue any business office or even as investments as it guarantees high-end yields.